From Edgewater to Severna Park: Which Maryland Community is Right for You?

  • Shane Hall
  • 04/15/21

Before you decide to call a new city home, you are faced with choosing which neighborhood to move to. This can often be a daunting and slightly overwhelming, step but don’t worry—we’re here to break it down for you! Greater Annapolis is composed of a wide variety of exciting neighborhoods, each with their own appealing attributes. From Historic Annapolis to Severna Park, here are some of the area’s most sought-area communities. 

1. Downtown Annapolis

If you prefer big cities to small towns, then you’re sure to love all that downtown historic Annapolis has in store. It might be our nation’s very first peacetime capital, but this exciting hub has a lot more than politics to offer. Here, residents have the luxury of choosing from a never-ending array of chef-driven restaurants, thrilling entertainment choices, and world-class shopping. Main Street, Church Circle, and City Dock are some of the area’s most lively streets. Explore the local boutiques, grab lunch at a hole-in-the-wall eatery, or enjoy browsing through the museums. At City Dock, you can also enjoy the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show or take in the impressive firework show that occurs on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. 

2. Murray Hill

Nestled just outside the hustle and bustle of downtown Annapolis, Murray Hill offers residents a more laid-back lifestyle. Murray Hill is famous for its stunning, historic homes located on quiet, tree-lined streets. If you prefer being closer to the water, check out the waterfront homes available along Spa Creek. Life in Murray Hills offers residents a quiet, peaceful suburban lifestyle. Connect with nature and soak up the sunshine at one of the many waterfront parks. Whether you are launching a kayak, watching the sailboats, or taking in the sunset, these parks are sure to rejuvenate you. But life here is far from boring! This community is situated within close proximity to all of the restaurants and shops on West Street. 

3. Eastport

Referred to as the other side of Annapolis, Eastport has plenty to offer its residents. Located across the Spa Creek Bridge, Eastport is known for its laid-back, casual way of life. A drive through this beautiful neighborhood will reveal varied styles of homes, ranging from cozy cottages to million-dollar homes. Colonial, Victorian, and contemporary are just a few architectural styles you will find here. Eastport’s residents enjoy plenty to do, including restaurants, parks and green spaces, nautical shops, and marinas. Rent a kayak to explore Annapolis Harbor or grab dinner on the famous Restaurant Row. Whether you’re lucky enough to live here or escaping from the noise of downtown, you’ll be sure to fall in love with Eastport in no time. 

4. South River Colony

South River Colony is one of the most desirable places to live in the Greater Annapolis area. With so much to offer, it’s not difficult to understand why. This beautiful community, located in Edgewater, has something for all ages. South River Colony dates back to 1996, making it one of the newer communities in the area. Since then, it has continued to develop and flourish. South River Colony is perfect for those who want to be close to the city but want a more relaxed and suburban lifestyle. Some of the best advantages of living here are the major commuter routes, many marinas, and short drive to downtown. You’re never far away from the fun! 

5. Shipley’s Choice

Located approximately 10 miles north of Annapolis, Shipley’s Choice is known for its suburban, family-friendly environment. Living here gives residents a laid-back lifestyle where a strong sense of community is evident. The plethora of parks and green spaces and excellent schools are just a couple of reasons families are drawn here. But Shipley’s Home has residents from all walks of life. From reputable retirement homes to exciting playgrounds, Shipley’s Choice has something for all ages. Living here gives residents the safety and closeness of a small town with the conveniences of a big city nearby. Talk about the best of both worlds!

6. Chartwell

Nestled in Severna Park, Chartwell is a quiet community known for its tree-lined streets and classic colonial homes. Chartwell consists of just under 600 homes, making it one of the largest communities in Severna Park, and offers residents plenty to enjoy. Chartwell is famous for the Chartwell Golf & Country Club, one of the most illustrious country homes throughout the entirety of the Mid-Atlantic. Enjoy an afternoon in the sunshine at Kinder Farm Park. This acclaimed park is spread over 288-acres and features nature trails, a playground, picnic tables, and grills. Whether your children are enjoying the playground, picnicking on the luscious lawn, or simply soaking up the sunshine, you’re sure to love this peaceful park. 

7. Linstead

Considered one of Severna Park’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Linstead is home to some of the town’s most elite residents. Linstead is nestled on a peninsula surrounded by Sullivan Cove, the Severn River, and Yantz Creek. If you enjoy an active and outdoorsy lifestyle, then you’ll love all that Linstead has in store. Here, residents can enjoy a community beach, boat ramp, nature trails, and plenty of secluded waterfront areas. Approximately half of the community's residents are waterfront properties, giving residents close access to the water. You don’t want to miss all that this illustrious neighborhood has for you.

8. Bay Ridge

As one of the area’s most prestigious waterfront communities, the real estate market in Bay Ridge is highly competitive—and it’s not hard to understand why. After all, living here isn’t for everyone. Those who are lucky enough to live here can experience all that Bay Ridge has to offer. With beautiful homes nestled on spacious properties and tree-lined streets, Bay Ridge looks like it has been taken out of a storybook. Victorians, Cape Cods, and bungalows are some of the most popular styles of homes found here. Bay Ridge residents enjoy a strong sense of community, plenty of things to do, and—of course—close access to the water. Nestled on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and surrounded by forests, this community abounds in natural beauty. 

9. Round Bay

Round Bay offers residents a slice of the picturesque small town. With approximately 230 homes, this tight-knit community overlooks the water and glittering views of Annapolis in the distance. Additionally, the three piers with beaches make this the perfect location for those who prioritize being close to the water. It’s the quiet and idyllic lifestyle that residents appreciate here. During the summer months, the community gathers at the beach on Wednesday evenings to watch sailboat races or have a community campout. Located approximately six miles from Annapolis, residents can easily slip away for a date night or fun-filled evening out in the city. 

10. Ulmstead Estates

Ulmstead Estates can best be described as a charming waterfront community. This neighborhood, situated north of Annapolis, comprises about 360 homes. Ulmstead Estates is perched on a peninsula jutting into one of the Magothy River’s most scenic parts. It might be considered a small town, but residents here can enjoy plenty to do—including a myriad of festivals and events. Mingle with your neighbors or get to know new friends over holiday events, tennis leagues, or other events. Enjoy a weekend picnic on “The Point” or spend a lazy afternoon watching the ships go up the Chesapeake Bay. And of course, don’t forget to take in some of the spectacular sunsets that stretch over the water.

11. Eagles Passage

A suburb located to the southwest of Annapolis, Eagles Passage is situated on the South River. This cozy community is known for its spacious properties, affordable homes, and tight-knit community feel. Although home to individuals from all walks of life, Edgewater is an especially popular place to raise a family. It’s also convenient for those who commute to the city but desire a quieter, more suburban lifestyle. 

12. Severna Park

Severna Park offers residents a picture of the quintessential American lifestyle. This upscale neighborhood features many multi-million dollar homes perched on perfectly manicured lawns, a passion for sailing, and endless dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Life in Severna Park is far from boring—to say the least. Additionally, the convenient location makes it a suitable choice for those who are commuting to Annapolis, DC, or Baltimore on a daily basis. Severna Park has plenty for its nearly 37,000 residents to enjoy, including access to nature and top-notch schools. Connect with nature by jogging or walking on the B&A trail. This trail, which stretches over 13 miles, also features horticultural gardens, benches, and a gazebo.

If you’re looking to explore homes for sale in the Greater Annapolis area, contact Shane Hall today. Shane serves a wide range of neighborhoods, from Murray Hill to Severna Park. His experienced team is ready to help you make the home buying process as smooth as possible.


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